The Viking Challenge


Low Intensity

Activities: Water & Land

Duration: 3 Hours

Price: €60.00 per person

This new exciting challenge lets you bring out the inner Viking in you.

This is a fun exciting challenge which is run in a controlled environment. In teams you will be put through your paces completing a number of challenges to find out who is the King Viking.

Each team will have to look at doing some raiding and trading to help their scores and a bucket of water is involved!!

Build your Weapons: Each team are required to make a shield. This shield needs to be protected throughout the day. It cannot be lost. If the shield is lost, the Gods will take some valuable points from you and you need these points for the last task!


Battle Lines Drawn:

Go through the following to gain as many battle points as possible keeping your bucket of water full, as may need this to put out a fire!

Axe Throwing can be funny, but skill is needed. On our special battle range, at the throw of the axe you will be awarded points on the quality of each throw. Safety is important so there are some rules which need to be adhered to.

Spear Throw. The Spear is used like a pike and as a spear which could be thrown. This throwing is where we will measure your team’s skills. You will need as many points as possible here to get you ahead for the final task.

Archery. Hit as many Bulls eyes as possible and get as many points as you can again you will need these for the final challenge.

War on the Water. The team with the most points and water will get to the Viking boats first for this challenge, you will have to reach the finish line first and raid the village to find the treasure.

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