The Wicklow Farmer


Low Intensity Challenge

Activities: Land Only

Duration:  2- 3 hours

Price:  From €55.00 per person


Breaking you group into teams, you will take part in several different challenges to win.

You will be provided with the appropriate ‘attire’ for this farm challenge, along with making your own team logos. Then it’s time for each team to complete the activities.

Up the Boreen:

Each team member will have to reach different heights on the Climbing Wall until the top of the boreen has been reached and the bell has been tolled.

Around the Farm:

On your bike to the next challenge which you will navigate through the forest picking up hidden markers in the forest and along the Blessington Greenway keeping a close watch out for the ‘Puca


After finishing on the bike, you will have to complete the following farm challenges.

The team to milk the most out of Daisy will be pronounced the ‘Best Farmers in Wicklow

Turf Stacking: You will need to stack your turf so it can dry out. Build it tall, the higher the turf the greater the points (Certainly this is not as easy as it reads!!)

Welly Throwing: How far can you throw your welly??

Toss the Sheaf: Back to stacking the hay. You will need to show how good your guns are to get distance but keep your distance!

Wheelbarrow Race: The wheelbarrow race is using real wheelbarrows. You must complete the course, this is really great fun but you will be a little tired!

Lasso the Pony: Each team will have to have a go at Lassoing the pony. It’s not that easy, but for each time the pony is lassoed your team will get points. (This is not a real pony)

Milk Daisy the Cow: This is where you will have to milk Daisy the cow. You will be competing against the other teams. Whichever team get the most milk out of Daisy will win.

(These are not real cows or Ponys) No animals are harmed during these games!



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