Water Mania Challenge


Low Intensity: Water

Price: €65.00 per person

Minimum Number: 10

Duration: 3 hour


You will have a blast navigating the waters of Blessington Lake while completing a series of fun activities that promote both individual and team growth!

During this half-day corporate event participants will either paddle their own kayaks / sit-on-tops, share a canoe with fellow workmates or maybe construct their own craft! This won’t be just a typical day out on the water! Your requirement to complete a mapped course involving Interactive games, racing against the clock, racing against each other and for some, even just the challenge to stay afloat will stir zany fun and friendly competition among the members of your group!

Our experienced team of instructors will tailor the day to your group’s varied skill levels, so that everyone will feel at ease and enjoy themselves.

Examples of Water Sports Mania activities:

  • Skills Session: For a group with little or no paddling experience, we’ll lead some introductory kayak/canoe sessions, coupled with interactive games, in one of the lake’s sheltered bays.
  • Canoe/Kayak Orienteering: CKO (Canoe Kayak Orienteering) allows individuals in kayaks, or two-person teams in canoes, to complete an orienteering course. Participants aim to locate all landmarks along the aquatic route as accurately and as quickly as possible, as part of a competitive, yet fun event!
  • Raft Building: Groups of 8 to 12 work together to build a raft out of materials like barrels, rope and planks. They’ll test out their crafts on the lake while completing a series of entertaining tasks. How long will their rafts last before they start to sink? … that’s assuming they will! Find out during this hilarious challenge!
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