The Phoenix Park Hunt


Competitive Group Fun

Location: Phoenix Park, Dublin

Min Numbers Required: 10+

Time: 2 hours

Your group will break into teams. Each team will receive a bike, map and question sheet.

The question sheet consists of: 

1. Location questions which will bring the teams to nearly every corner of the park. This is a great way of getting to see the park and its features.

2. Photo challenges to create laughs and get people to step out of their comfort zones together as a team 

3. Items to collect along the way (Scavenger Hunt)

4. Optional: The organiser of the group can provide a few uniques questions for the question sheet if they wish – for example: throw in some rare unique questions about the hen/stag, company or about whoever the group is.

Points are allocated to each activity above. The team with the most points wins. 

Price for the Hunt: €25pp

To add some extra spice to this activity your group can include some Segway fun. Included in the 2 hours will be an allocated slot for each team to arrive at a specified location within the park and spend an allocated amount of time on the Segway’s doing an obstacle course.

Price for the Hunt and Segway : €55pp

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