Cherokee Challenge


Low Intensity

Duration: 3 hours

Activities: Land and water

Price: €60.00 per person

This challenge will give you a taste of what is was like to be a Native Indian as you battle your way through a range of activities including Archery, Canoeing, Team Tasks and Riding (on a bike)

You will meet your instructors who will split you into teams. You will be given a little time to put on the war paint, head dress and name your tribe before you have to go and complete the first battle.

Blowguns. You will have to shoot your way out from the other attacking tribes. This will be done using the archery equipment. It can be done with archery tag, archery or air rifles.

Currchee War. Ride your horses (bikes) and find your way to the next task. This will be where you as a tribe will have to solve some of the puzzles and tasks while making your way to the lake.

Dugout Canoe. You will have to canoe across the lake to find your way back to your camp.

First team home will win the grand prize.

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  • Vacation Style Holiday Type
  • Age Group 16+
  • Group Size 10 Medium Group