Taking the Classroom outdoors

Taking the classroom outdoors has several benefits, from reducing stress to expanding the cognitive function of students. It is perhaps with this in mind that the current curriculum is changing, with more emphasis on practical science modules. At CP Adventure we offer ecology, geography and biology field studies with programmes available for Junior Cycle, Leaving Cycle, and Transition Year students. Lasting 3.5 hours they encompass all practical and theory work required in the curriculum as well as linking the classroom with current ecological issues and trends.

Junior and leaving cert students participating in field studies, find it more engaging to take the learning out of the books. The field study programmes help create a real-life context for students, which increases their understanding and their ability to retain concepts and methodology.

Exam Cycle Students

As part of a more practical course, Exam Cycle students must complete a habitat study. We offer field studies tailored to the curriculum. For Leaving Cert students this falls under unit 1.5 of the Biology curriculum. For Junior Cert students this is the addition coursework B of the Science programme. We also offer the Geographical Investigation Field Study topics, which change each year.

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